Tuesday, October 14, 2014

First Fever!

Little Lady,

You gave us a a scare today. You had your first ever fever clocking in at 102.4

You were cranky most of the day but my mom was here to help us out with you. Your little body was hot yet you were smiles all around despite the fusiness.

All this was caused because of your second round of vaccines from yesterday. Seems like you have recovered this evening.

The big debate now is what to do with your sleeping arrangement. Whether to bring your crib into our bedroom or not as you have outgrown your bassinet!

Monday, October 13, 2014


Miss V,

As you can see. My letters to you are not as frequent. That's because the last several weeks have been quite busy now that you are in our life.

Today was a big day though. Grandma came to babysit you at home whe we cleaned the house. Yeap, we need help. Later she went with us for you to get your second round of shots! You cried but quickly recovered with your happy face and squirms.

Your Mom's bday on the 9th was epic!

First, you outgrew your infant seat and we put in the next baby seat. We also took you to Disneyland! You loved it!!!

You are gaining a lot of strength. In fact your growth is now that of an 8 month old and you are only 4 months!!!!!

Doctor today measured you at 27 inches long and weighing a bit over 15lbs.

You are a worm in bed and in your stroller chair. You love to twist.

More later love, Dad has to catch some zzzzz's.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Crying Yourself to Sleep


Gotta say that at your young 3 months you are showing your colors already. Today was the first time you literally cried yourself to sleep. Nothing would calm you down as your mom went to pick up Cowboy from the groomers.

You are not liking being in the company of dad.  :(

You literally cry like there is no tomorrow. Your instant consolation is your mom picking you up. We will need to continue having serious conversations about this!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Uncle Ivan's Birthday

Dearest V,

Dad was quite meloncolic today. At one point two things happened as they usually do with days like today with two signs that Ivan was still present.

As I cleaned and unpacked boxes from the move I thought about dad and Ivan all day. Sure enough "Nunca Que Olvidare" by Enrique Iglesias played without prompting. This always happens. It's s special song we played at your grandpa Maximo's funeral and it had been his sign of him being with us.

An hour or so later I ran into a box that contained all of Ivan's funeral memories. I took a copy of the eulogy out and stated at it in awe. When your mom saw me glance it, she asked I sit down and read it to you. I reluctantly did but was unable to finish the first sentence. It's been 33 years today your uncle was born and also 23 years of his passing. Yeap, he was born and died on the same day, Sept 14th.

How I wish he could have met you. I will keep his memory alive by telling you how much he meant in my life and showing you his photos and videos. But most importantly telling you about his big heart. His loss left a tremendous void in my life. A pain and mourning I really never accepted sobi chose to bury it in the darkest corner of my heart.today in a bittersweet way was the darkest day of my life 23 years ago. I hope that wherever he is, he is proud of you just as that pride I felt for him when he was alive.

Victoria, you will learn that love transcends so many things, even life itself. You will experience it too in your own way.

As I close my eyes, I see Ivan in your smile, in your energy and in your glow. It's tough to loss a brother. But I know he was with both of us today. I know you also told him Happy Birthday Tio Ivan.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Special Labor Day BBQ & Pics


Today will go down as the day you asked your ninos to baptize you.

It was quite special as you asked them in Dallas. It was a special evening that I am sure they will tell you all about one day. (or you can watch the videoclip thanks to your daddy's skill at capturing these beautiful live moments).

You also had your three month photos today. I am sure they will come out stunning. You are just a natural with the camera. 

You did give Ally though a hard time. You were fussy the entire time. 

Ok, that's all. Our Dallas vacation ends tomorrow and we've gotta get back to the grind. Today is already September 1st and it will be a busy month for you.

You also turn THREE MONTHS already this month. Where is timing going?


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sleeping On Your Side


So yes we live for these moments. You've reached another first. It's Subday night and we are visiting friends in Dallas and you finally have enough strength that you slept on your side for the first time.

It was a clear sign you are getting stronger. We just love how you are growing before our eyes. I live how you snuggle and bury your face into my shoulder to nap.

We love you lady.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Major Milestone: Turning & Agoo!

Dearest Victoria,

When you are older and read these letters, you will surely be shaking your head. But we can't help seeing the world through your eyes.

Just last Thursday (a week ago today) when you were in the car to your first-ever concert (band tribute to Journey) at the Tustin Golf Course you said your first word that wasn't a cry: Agoo!

Trap as much as I wanted it to have been "papá" or "daddy" or "pápi" it was Agoo.

So that was your first speech milestone. But this morning you had your first physical milestone. This morning you managing to twist your little body in the bassinet to the point you turned over on your tummy. You are getting stronger. In fact, you did that twice!

I guess we are not giving you enough tummy time so you took it upon yourself to do it on your own.

We are loving every second of you being in our lives. But I do have to say that you are one very demanding baby. You spend so much time with your mom that you often, well always, cry when you are held by me. That better pass or I will take it personally!

Love you more!