Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Shots!

Dear Victoria,

You were a total trooper today! You received your first official set of bundled shots and you took them like a champ!

Everyone warned you'd be cranky but you were in overall great spirits. I hope it's a testament to you future strong will. Love you from here to the moon!


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Surprise Birthday Party For Dad


So today your dad returned from the first business trip after your birth. It was special in so many ways. Your mom organized a surprise birthday party for me and we had a really really nice time.

With a cake from Porto's to boot.

No doubt these are everlasting memories we are making with you. It also took me to my childhood and how my beloved grandma would delays make my day so so so special. How I would have loved for her to have met you.

I'm sure she helped us blow out the candles tonight!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Your Dad's Bday

Dear Victoria,

Where do I start. 

Today is quite an unbelievable day for me as your father. Let's see:

* New Job
* New Home
* New State
* New Life

Yes, I would say it's a pretty crazy time in our lives. I celebrate my first birthday as your father away from you and Mom. But I am there with you. The feeling of having you in our life is still surreal. It's still unimaginable, yet so many remind me that you are indeed real. 

While you may only be seven weeks old, there is so much we have and are learning from you. However, there is yet so much more we are learning about ourselves. 

You joining our family has turned our world inside out. We look forward to sharing live's adventures with you.

You and your Mom have made today the best birthday in my life.

Love you more!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

7th Week Birthday!

Dear Victoria,

Today you are seven weeks old! And yes time has sure gone by faster than I can change your diapers these days.

You are such an awesome little person to be around. Love how you get to hang with us and live our whirlwind life. We have started you early. Noise and commotion definitely do not phase you. In your first seven weeks of life you have gone around shopping, eating, and even traveling with your parents. Yeap, you already flew to Dallas with us to close our chapter of having lived there. You attentively looked around the house as if recollecting your memories of being there while you were inside your mom's womb.

You are starting to give us an occasional smirk. Not quite a full blown smile yet but you are working at it. Just when I thought I had a grumpy daughter.

You are sure eating a lot though lately. You eat about oh maybe 14 times a day and that is a day. Your poor mom is sore. Yes, she is. Sometimes you are so hungry we have to supplement your meals with formula because your mom simply just runs out.

But I will say it again, we absolutely adore seeing the world through your eyes. It's as if we are in a new world and we here living it with you for the first time.

Everything we do now is a total production. Gone are the days when we could just pick up and leave. No more. We have to plan, plan, plan whenever we want to go or do something. You keep us on our toes and you are not even talking or walking yet!

I guess it's good practice.

All our love to you Ms. V.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

First Official Babysitting By Grandma

Dearest Victoria,

Last night your Grandma babysat you for the first time.

I don't know who was more excited. Our dogs or her for having you over. But gotta say that is was a special day. You can just see the love pouring out of my mom's pores for you.

We went to a pretty awesome concert at the Staples Center called Reventon. It was the who's who of the Spanish Rock genre. Your mom got to meet Beto Cuevas the lead singer of La Ley. That band is pretty much the equivalent of the Rolling Stones in that music genre. So it's a big deal.

It was also our first time away from you since you were born. Needless to say, your mom was a bit emotional about it. Even though you would be with grandma for only a couple hours. But it was strange not being around you since we have not left your site since you arrived.

But it's a good thing. We want you to grow up around those we love. It's important for us and for your development. There is so much we learned from our parents that we want you to learn from them as well.

The first glimpse of you starting to smile happened on the day of your great grandma's bday on July 13th. But we now see more and more of your smirks and that just melts our heart.

One of the movers that helped bring our belongings from Dallas to LA called you cranky and moody. That was funny. Forgive Ron, he misunderstands you.

For now, we continue to see you grow before our eyes and would ever so wish we could stop time.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dallas Arrives To SoCal

Dear Victoria,

Big day. All of our good from Dallas started arriving today at our new home. You spent the day unusually asleep. Also a first. You must be growing up a lot. Your mom had to take you to your pediatrician because she thought you had congestion.

You surprised your Abue Josefina today by smiling a lot and talking back to her. You made her day. But the best need of all is that today was the first day that you ate nothing but mommy milk. That was awesome.

Not to be outdone though, it was your Grandpa's last day of radiation treatment. So we thank God.

Well your dads feet are throbbing and completely exhausted. Gotta wake up in 5 hours and meet movers again as they unload and unpack.

Maybe your bath lady night made you sleepy. Just please sleep through tonight.

Butterfly Kisses from Dad.